Massage review

Had a few people asking how the sports massage went on Saturday, so here's the update.

After the fear and dread I was feeling after people kept talking about the pain, it was with understandable trepidation that I arrived at the clinic place.

I was met by Tim, who took me into the treatment room, and asked about where I was aching. I explained it was my calves and thighs that were feeling it most, and he told me to get my trousers off and get on the table.

Not quite as forcefully as that, but it's a bit unnerving to hear that from anyone, let alone a man you've never met before.

Thankfully, he covered me with towel as he was working on me so it wasn't that uncomfortable.

It started off quite gently, and when he asked how it felt, I did say I had a feeling he was lulling me into a false sense of security.

He did get rougher, and at one point I was sure he was stabbing me in the back of the left knee with a rusty knife.

Whilst not screaming in pain, or crying, it did make my face do this:

But that was as bad as it got.

The rest of the time it was just nicely unpleasant - if that makes sense.

In fact, by the end, I was drifting off!

Had a good natter with him too as London will be his 14th marathon and he'll be running the 3:30 pace for Runners World.

He talked about how posture when not running is important, and I can agree with that as I find sitting at my desk doesn't half make my legs stiff, so I try to wander around more.

When he'd finished, standing up was soooo weird - my legs felt so much lighter. Even putting jeans back on was weird as I could lift my leg effortlessly - didn't realise it'd been an effort before!

Since I managed my long run the next day without the aches and pains I've had recently, I can only conclude it helps lots.

He even said he does it for himself, though it's easier with someone else as they're less likely to not press hard when needed.

Not sure I'm ready to self-massage yet, but I think I'll definitely try to find one nearer me!

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