To massage, or not to massage...

My legs are really feeling it at the mo – as well as the constant fatigue from training, there's the odd niggle and scare from whichever of my knees is feeling most mischievous.

A few fellow e-marathoners have been having sports massage and I've been pondering trying it myself.

I had a google around for local ones, but didn't find much, and those I did seemed extortionate.

A tweet I sent yesterday asking about the benefits and the prices got lot of replies saying I should go for it as I'd feel better afterwards.

The key word for me there is 'afterwards'...

Sort of imples the 'during' won't be that pleasant.

Replies included:
"Hurts, but still great really" Ulen/Neale/Mad As a Box of Frogs

Yes it definately does work, and yes you will cry. I've never felt pain like it but u feel so much better next day" Becca Miles

it does work, and does hurt. Expect to pay more than £2 but less than £100. Not v helpful, I'll admit ..." Becca Watts

I pay same, rubbish London prices." Si Clark
Sadly, as I'm in Surrey/London borders (sounds nicer than it is) the prices here seem to be about 50 per cent higher than elsewhere (£20 for 30 mins in Oxfordshire, £32 for 30 mins at closest one to me).

So, if anyone's looking to set up a discount sports massage business, I think I've found you a market – give me a call and we'll split the profits!

In the meantime, some hockey playing friends are getting me some number of people they know through having generally fitter and healthier lifestyles than me.


  1. Well, like I tell my sports therapist, I don't feel like I've had my money's worth unless she hurts me.

    Seriously though, yes there is pain. When she sticks her elbows into my legs and pushes hard... but it's not too bad, really. And it's only temporary. As soon as she stops, the pain does too. And knowing it's doing me good makes it bearable.

    If you can put up with the pain of training for the marathon, you can easily put up with a sports massage.

    No pain no gain!!

  2. Yep. I agree with all of those sentiments - amazing amount of pain and you can hardly walk the next day but it does sort out all of the niggles. I had no idea that my calves could even get that knotted.

    I pay £45 for a Physio to do it (Nick from Pilates Central in Islington).

    He said that out of all of the people that he has massaged Paula Radcliffe could take the most pain. She must be made of sinew.

  3. They are worth it, and again I concur with the pain, Physios round the midlands offer a range from £25-50. I think I'm going to have one after the 20 miler on Sunday to kick start the wind down to the FLM especially as the sciatica is still giving me problems.

  4. @Leigh - would it work with sciatica? Had probs with that last year and just put up with it. Would be miffed if could have treated it!

    @Damian - knots in muscles puzzles me. Knots in string, fine. Knots in trees, ok. Knots in my calf, erm... what now?

    @Ulen - elbows?!?! Good god man - you sure it's a sports massage you're getting, not ultimate cage fighting?

  5. @Phil- don't think it will touch the sciatica, but other muscles are hurting/tight because my movement is compromised.
    have a good w/e.

  6. @Leigh - ah well, no doubt it'll help with all the other bits too.
    Might have found one down here in Kent...
    Do I book/not...