That was dumb

So, been a lovely sunny day, and all the London Marathon posts and tweets flying around made me think it might be worth testing the knee.

Given the weather I thought I'd try to walk what I know to be a mile.

I set off at a pace best decribed as "amble". About 100 yards in, I was feeling it, and amble became hobble.

Still, it was a nice day so I kept going and after 40 mins finished the mile.

40 minute miles!!!!

Doing the marathon at that pace would be almost 17 and a half hours!

Not content with just denting my confidence, the unsuccessful attempt also means my knee's killing me, and the other one's joined in too.

God I need to get to the physio.

52 weeks and four days to go!


  1. Not your best idea, no. When my ITB got the better of me last year - I gave up running for 4 months. I'd say take it easy for now. If you need to exercise - then swim or cycle. Something that won't impact your knee and exacerbate the problem.

  2. @ I do need to get to the pool.

    I do want to get a bike to use the 11 mile trip to work as supplemantary training, but even the thought of it makes my knee cry!