Tracking runners on race day

So, as I can't actually run the London Marathon on Sunday, it looks like I might be bale to track people who are!

Adidas have a mobile tracking service which lets you see where runners are on the course, to within 5k.

Yeah, thats a pretty large margin of error, but that might just be them covering their arses.

It works via text/mobile browser (yay unlimited browsing on my mobile contract!) and apparently can be used for multiple runners.

Looks good for people who have family coming to watch the big day, so let them know (and prepare to spend Saturday teaching your mom how to use the interweb on her mobile!).

I'mm thinking of collecting running numbers and tracking peoples progress on the day.

Ideally everyone I want to see will be perfectly synchronised and running at the exact same pace, so I don't miss anyone!

If you want to be stalked, email me your race number and lets see if we can get this working!


  1. for a more personal, accurate and less corporate solution you might wanna check:
    this live! link was posted at just before i started my tripute.

  2. sorry, and mobile version for friends and fellow runners

  3. Its the only tracker that works with the official Marathon tracking system. Text Run to 83040 to try it. Or click here

  4. the adidas Marathon tracker that is, not the bliin one

  5. I know, .. we ALL know ;-) ... just showing another option of how you might share and store
    - parallel to the official one - a more
    personal experience of the event. The richness and openness of the interface ( realtime positioning, geotagged photosharing +commenting and lots and lots more ) compel me to do so.
    the bliin interface that is,not the official
    adidas tracker

  6. @anon and @FvE - oooh! my first mini discussion via comments!

    Only taken 16 months!

    Both have pros and cons, but I think it's clear there's only one way to settle this:

    A bareknuckle boxing fight to the death.

    The winner gets to keep the losers head as a trophy!

    Ding ding - seconds out, round one!

  7. @Phil lol, ... well iam ready for the next round.

  8. Is there a normal internet based version of the online tracking system? My friend wants to track me and doesn't have a WAP enabled phone...

  9. @ulen according to the Adidas tracker "learn more" section "a simple to use web service will be available on 26 April at"

    that look like the thing?

    Also, the results are on the FLM site pretty quickly after you finish