Weekend ahead

Off to Kent for the weekend this aft, and wondering how I'll squeeze in my 20 miler on Sun morning.

Not sure I'm happy with idea of trying it somewhere different, but the idea of running by the sea on a Sunday morning actually sounds quite nice so I might surprise myself.

Thrown all my kit in a bag ready though – with the thinking that even if I get a 10 done in the morning, I can squeeze in another 10 in the afternoon/evening when I get home if needs be.

Although not technically a 20 mile run, it'll be a damn good workout!

Then I'll be in a wonderful place called Taperville - sweet!

Just got to get that done, write the worlds most comprehensive list of e-marathoners, and do all my washing on Sunday evening.

Boy do I know how to have fun!


Landed in Kent about 10 mins after this went up

No, I didn't run it at my lightning fast pace *cough*

I got my timing wrong on the post (wrote it this am, but didn't want to post at same time as others) and there was v little traffic. I can see the sea!

Now plotting route

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