Epidemic sweeping the UK

In the ten days since the London Marathon finished (apart from Phil Packer - go on son!), PRL towers has been monitoring an epidemic sweeping the e-marathon community.

The latest reports being collated by the sophisticated monitoring equipment in my super secret bunker have detected an alarming pattern.

I'm sorry to announce that it looks like marathonitis is sweeping the country.

Symptons include:
There's no known cure, though lethargy and spouses/significant others' consternation at the sufferer not returning to 'normal' domestic life have been known to mask the symptoms (though they never actually go away!).

The best treatment found is to enter the ballot for the London Marathon in 2010, or find other events around the world.


  1. Luckily I have missed out on marathonitis and have instead been suffering from post-marathon-what-to-do-now syndrome ;)

  2. @becki - glad to see it's not mutated into the desire to run more!