Passing the time while injured - sorting out this site

A few days ago, I set out my three-pronged strategy for running London marathon in 2010.

The first, sorting out injury, is underway.

The second, getting fitness back, and building it, kinda depends on the first one, so is on hold until I can actually run.

The third has taken a giant step today as I've now got around to registering my domain name!

So, for all your Phil Runs London goodness, you can save yourself a few fractions of a second by typing in into your browsers address bar!

This is eight whole characters shorter than so I've essentially give you a massive chunk of your day back - what better than the gift of time?!?

I'll be honest, I'm not entirely sure why I've done this, and I need to fiddle under the hood so pages have the right address in the address bar, but it's a first step to something that I'm not entirely clear about!

Any ideas for what I can do next, let me know!

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