Keeping the legs turning over

Since I lost my bit of finger I've only managed a couple of short runs.

Short even for me and my ridiculously-cautious-but-knee-protecting schedule.

They've only been a mile at a time as I'm supposed to be resting properly and not 'overdoing it' - whatever the hell that's supposed to mean.

It's pretty ridiculously straightforward on the run (my problem is running then as slow as I should!) but I've noticed something weird afterwards.

Since my mishap I've noticed the inside of my thighs get tight after even this measley distance. I put it down to not being warmed up or something as I'm not cycling at the mo (can't pull brake!) so missing out on the 11 mile ride home a run which I've always assumed gets me pretty warmed up.

It's nothing major, but just a weird thing in otherwise boring short runs.

Now, should I run tomorrow - on my 30th?

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