Idiocy - because marathons aren't hard enough already...

Not content with merely losing part of my hand, it seems I need more obstacles to contend with.

A leisurely ride in Bedgebury Forest on Saturday has resulted in a lost tooth, four severely bruised ribs (possibly cracked, but can't be bothered to get x-ray as they can't do much about it if they are), a knackered wrist, and very sore knee.


As the pic shows, I'm not looking my best at the mo - and I'm certainly not feeling it.

It's looking like an extraction of the remainder of the tooth next week (need to finish antibiotics first as got infection from the trauma) unless they manage to get a post in there - unlikely as it's the weakest tooth in the mouth.

I can't afford an implant to replace it, so it's looking like I'll need a bridge, which could be a pain in the arse in years to come.

As well as the antibiotics (which make me want to heave) I'm on a couple of different painkillers to help me at least potter around.

Having an easy one today to try to get some healing done, but not looking like I'll be exerting myself too much for a week or so.

Lesson - wear gumshield when on bike!

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