Only 200 days to go!

Today begins the 200 day countdown to the Virgin London Marathon.




If you're running, I hope you're in a better state of preparedness than me - distraction, injury and general stupidity mean I'm not as far along in my training as I'd like to be.

Thankfully, I've acknowledged this earlier than in previous years and have plans in place to get up to scratch. Hopefully these will be clever enough to prevent me coming down with any more injuries!

My immediate goal is building endurance. Thankfully I've been cycling lots over the summer, so my overall fitness is better than it has been for my last two attempts.

That doesn't translate exactly into performance on the road, but it means the heart and lungs are working well so as the distance builds it'll be less demanding (relatively!).

So, the 200 day landmark is my kick up the arse to get out and run and get this marathon monkey off my back!

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