I won something!!!

It looks like me terrible run of luck might, at last, be changing for the better!

I've somehow won £500 worth of training for the marathon thanks to the (hopefully) lovely and kind @Sall_y via twitter.

I've no idea what it involves (why trouble myself with such trifles!) so it could be another piece of bad luck masquerading as good fortune, but the unfamiliar glow that I assume comes from winning something is dulling my usual trepidation.

What could possibly go wrong?


  1. So excited that you won training from @Sall_y! You must blog and tell all!

    Hope the healing is going well.

  2. I'm gonna tell all in an effort to stop her being too mean!

  3. Yay Phil!!! So pleased that as a Northerner you are able to win something! I on the other hand have been ousted & not selected in the ballot for London 2010, so I sadly won't be joining you in pain & glory...maybe 2011 though huh?