Late update - shock

I've been a busy bee for a few days - I even cleared a load of crap from my garage so I can now almost fit a car in there. Not a proper car, probably one of those hideous G-Wiz things, but still I'm proud of my toils!

My cross training on Thurs was forty-five mins on a bike - piece of piss! The weird squats and stuff afterwards were more an issue as I kept getting Vietnam-style flashbacks to PE lesson as a kid...

Fri was alright, hard work, but good to get in the bank. I'm crap at working out how fast I shouold be running and tend to overcook it (and pay for it as run progresses). Knee was a bit tender after this, but I had a good old stretch afterwards, iced and strapped the whinging thing up.

Sunday was a proper 'ego run'. Nice warm up, then pushed on and it all clikced perfectly. Pacing, bang on. Lungs and heart all groovy. Legs ticking away nicely.

It was almost a shame to stop.

I've been trying to work out why Sunday went so well, and I think I've nailed it.


I abandoned the tracksuit bottoms and opted for the shorts for the last couple of runs, and I don't know why, but it just feels better running in them. Is it psychological? Physiological? Astrological?

Who knows, but it seems to work for me so Surrey road users beware - the palest legs in Christendom are back!

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