Soggy joggy

Snow kicks ass - it looks good, is great fun to cycle through and generally cheers me up.

Unless I'm running in it when it's a slushy mess.

Tonight's run was a feast of slush.

Preferable to ice?


But still a bit too much cold squelching for it to get into the vicinity of a pleasant experience.

It looked pretty straightforward on paper - just keep the legs turning over - but I'm going through a weird phase where my legs just don't feel 'right'.

Not hurting, not tightening up, just not feeling like they're working properly.

I'd be plodding along, head floating away into a world of dancing ducks and trees made of biro's (that's normal, right?) then I'd suddenly stop and have to look at my legs to make sure they're mine.

I'm hoping it's down to improving my normally god-awful stride - a legacy of years of inactivity - with weird stretches and the occasional hill session, and I'll soon get used to it.

If not I can see it becoming another irritating distraction for my already procrastination-prone mind.


  1. Prob just the freezing temperatures rendering the legs a bit anaesthetised I reckon

  2. At least you're getting out there... I haven't ventured out since new year's day. I'm feeling well lardy now. Still I've got 4 weeks leeway on you as my marathon isn't until May.