Not a great start to 2010

If I've started this year as I mean to go on, I could be in trouble.

Last week
I was down for about five hours in total on my feet, but the snow - well more the ice - scuppered that.


Doesn't bode well for the rest of the year so I need to get my arse in gear to prevent it becoming a cycle on procrastination.

This week I've got:

Mon: 60 mins Fartlek
Tues: rest
Weds: 75 mins steady
Thurs: 45 mins cross training
Fri: 60 mins threshold
Sat: Rest
Sun: 90 mins w/30 mins @marathon pace and 10 @threshold

This is a bit interesting.

Fartlek tonight was a tad sketchy as there's still a hint of ice rink about my local paths. But, I got round, and I'm not dead, which in my book is a success.

Thursday is something new as I've not had cross-training on my schedule before, but any excuse to get mud on the bike is welcome. Though there was the word 'squat' in the detailed instructions, which conjures up images of the gym which sends a shiver down my spine.

Sunday could be quite an eye-opener/depression inducer as I'm not sure what my marathon race pace is yet, so no doubt Sally will have some insight into it matter.

At the mo I'm hoping for less than my first, and so far only, marathon in 2008 when I hobbled the last nine miles on mangled knees and came in at 5:17 - narrowly beating the first rhino back.

That leaves a nice wide window to aim for - making failure less likely - but goes against the whole setting tough targets (because marathons aren't hard enough!).

I've got a few days to mull it over, so for now I'll put my feet up and try to build up my resolve to turn around the first week of crapness

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  1. Dear reader, I just want to point out that the lack of hill reps in these weekly progs is down to some biomechanical issues in this case. It doesn't mean YOU shouldn't be doing them. OKAY?