In conversation with... trainer, Sally:

For those wondering what it's like having an e-trainer, here's an excerpt from a typical conversation with mine.

S: How did run go today?

P: I ache and bits of me froze off. You're horrible

S: Sounds really, really perfect

P: Can I fire you?

S: Anytime. Am thinking you're probably not fat enough that's why you're freezing

P: You said I was too fat before! I'm zonked

S: Only jokin. You are too fat :-D Yeah, well you've moved up the scale pretty quickly. Perhaps just recov run on Tues then back to full swing Weds

P: I want to get a big cannon to fire you into a wall

S: Yes, understandable. Anyway you're doing well and proving quite reliable. I'm pleased.

P: Oh good. Knowing you're happy makes the pain vanish.

If you want this level of motivational support, send her a tweet.

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