Muddled week

I've got this week off work so I've had a jiggle with my runs.

Today's normally a rest for me, but I had that yesterday and did my long one on Saturday - which was odd, but a nice change.

I did an 8 miler with 4 miles at race pace (3 easy, 4 hard, 1 easy) and I did it in my new Nike's.

I've had better runs.

Couldn't settle into a rhythm for the first 3 miles - don't know if it was the trainers, or just me being an idiot.

Also saw a dead hedgehog on the path that appeared to have been hollowed out.

The beast of Chertsey Bridge strikes again!

When I picked it up for miles 4-7 it started ok, but it was a bit more uncomfortable than usual.

I also made the strange error of pausing to yank up a slipping sock and ripped the bugger, which got me very wary of rubbing/blister issues.

Obviously all this training has given me killer biceps so I no longer know my own strength.

Or I need to wear less battered socks...

Anyway, the last mile was pretty good. Not only because I got to slow down, but I also found my 'training rhythm' - that comfortable pace where you feel like you could keep going forever.

I didn't though, as I really needed the loo - possibly more info than you needed, but I'm nothing if not honest!

So, a bit of a 'meh' effort, but the new trainers seem to work, and hopefully will help save my ridiculously lame knees!

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