Transformers and motivation

As I'm currently out of action I thought it might be a good time to reflect on how best to come back raring to go.

Or as raring as it's possible for me to get, given I hate running.

Ok, so it's not utterly unbearable plodding along, well it is, but I can handle it. It's actually finding the time to get changed, get out, warm down, get showered etc that is probably the most difficult bit at this point.

After a hard day's work it's not exactly easy to get motivated to go through the rigmarole of getting ready, then disappearing for up to an hour or more (when longer runs are needed) when everyone else is rightly settling down for a chilled evening - especially as I've now got Sky One back on Virgin, so the Simpsons are once more a distraction.

The original plan was to make use of mornings, and showers at work, but that's logistically tricky as I can't run with a bag.

So, there was thought of doing it during the day at work, but not sure I could face running around the park that's overlooked by our canteen - could lead to some serious piss-taking.

So, that leaves the evenings, which is when I'm feeling least motivated. That's probably one of the reasons I hate running, as it feels like such a chore.

If I'm lucky I might be able to wangle finishing earlier from work, which would mean I could get out earlier, but on the downside, it increases the likelihood of me being seen when I'm running.

And I do look ridiculous.

So, if anyone has some motivation out there that they're happy to lend me, let me know via email.