Top London Marathon 2009 Blogs

After my post last year about other running blogs, I thought it might be good to explore what others are out there specifically for the London Marathon.

I've deliberately waited a bit as I know from experience that once people get their place, they then sort out their training plan (must get me one of those), and many are tempted to then set up a blog to share the experience.

Then, life takes over and after the first couple of posts, and little sign of people actually reading it, they give up as they're in too much pain from the training and think it was a stupid idea to run 26.2 miles anyway.

If that sounds like you, you're right. It's a ridiculous thing to do - I've done it before, hated it, and am now doing it again.

I need help.


Anyway, I've done the same as these people, but as I'm from stubborn Yorkshire stock* I have no problem not being listened to.

However, I'm painfully aware, not everyone is lucky enough to be from God's own county, so I didn't want to look around for blogs only to find they'd stopped posting after I'd directed you lovely people there.

An example is this fella. He's high ranking on a google search for "London Marathon Blog" (on front page when I wrote this), but he only seems to have put in one entry. I suspect some kind of software genius is at work who has optimized the site for Google. I can't be bothered with that as it could take up to 20 minutes and my time is precious.

Stop sniggering at the back.

Some of you may remember last year I made the local paper, and one of the hacks was also running it. He's now buggered off to Canada to study journalism (I have no idea either, but it does answer some of the questions we had about the quality of his reporting - joke Joseph!) so he won't be taking advantage of his paper's new website.

I have, in his honour, found a lady called Vikki at the Malvern Gazette who's posting weekly (so far) on her training. I'm intrigued by her fellah's measuring wheel, but who wouldn't be?!

Possible the most terrifying one I've seen is from Mike Trees, a former elite athlete who seems to run mind-bogglingly long distances. I strongly suspect he will be finishing ahead of me...

The last, and my fave so far, is Jim's Marathon Blog. I suspect it might be my fave because of the northern humour, but he's also training around Skipton/ Gargrave, where I spent a lot of time back in the day. Yeah he seems to be working at Lancaster University, but as long as it's only taking their money then it's fine.

If you know of/have a blog about getting ready for this year's marathon, let me know as I want to know more about how other people are getting on!

* That is in no way similar to chicken or vegetable stock - though if it did exist, Yorkshire Stock would probably have a strong gravy flavour.