Bike service resumes

Following a few weeks off the bike due to gross stupidity, it was with mild trepidation that I once again donned the hi-viz and helmet yesterday.

I know this is supposed to be a blog about running, but I've started to rely on the bike as a way of not only getting to work cheaper (and quicker!), but as great for my overall fitness and a good way to strengthen my stupidly lame knees.

First thing to notice was that the daylight seems to have done a runner. So, not only was it my first proper ride without part of my anatomy, but it was also my first time with my lights.

It was also my first time doing the journey on new mountain bike*, so I'd have to get used to gears actually working, and being able to accelerate out of junctions.

Thankfully, I'd gone old school with my light selection and gone for pure out-and-out brightness. I don't need 26 different sequences of flashing, just as much wattage as you can possibly cram in.

This seemed the right choice as I pulled out of my garage not long after 6am and the unlit access road was not so much bathed, as drenched in light.

Hell yeah!

Once I was off, it seemed like I'd not forgotten how the whole cycling thing works. In many ways, it was just like riding a bike...

The slight climb at the bridge was seen off with ruthless efficiency by the new bike which seems to love going uphill - psychotic thing.

Not having been out for a while, I was consciously trying not to overdo it by blasting off, but after a while I was on a nice bit of flat and I thought I'd have a play and slipped into top.

Hell yeah!

This beats the living poo out of my old bike - so light, controlled and fast! It's not something I expected from a humble mountain bike, but it took off.

Pretty soon I realised I was overdoing it a bit and would end up burning out, but there's no doubt that there's some good potential for smashing my PB to work time to well below the 40 minute mark.

Yesterday was, according to the first proper week of my training plan by Sally, cross training day. Was supposed to be 30 mins on the bike. Since I rode to and from work, it was slightly nearer 90 mins. Oops.

Hey ho, got to try to get some hill reps in today - never done that before so could get a bit interesting!

* I just prefer MTB's - more fun at the weekends in the woods etc. Unless you come off and smash your ribs and mouth apart - that kinda sucks. But would probably have been worse on a road bike!

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  1. 90 mins fine, no worries. Long as doesn't affect the legs for hills.

    Nice bike