Training while injured

I figured that one of the few benefits of cracked ribs, amputated parts of hand and smashed teeth would be that I can take time out to chill from marathon training.

The ribs are the main problem at the mo – though they only hurt if I do anything requiring superhuman effort like, say, walking.

Or sitting.

If I'm being honest, the last two attempts at the marathon were not exactly built on solid foundations. The first time was my first real exercise in 10 years, the second built on that, but only after an eight-month lull.

This time, after enforced rest for rebuilding strength in my knee, saw me investing in a bike to keep the fitness up, and occasional gentle runs when I felt like it – built up slowly as dictated by the physio who'd spent months getting my knee to stop hurting.

However, not being able to run or cycle for the last four weeks after a series of accidents has started to get on my nerves, so, I have ambitiously started taking strolls.

Last week I started having lunchtime strolls around the park next to work – it's got a convenient marked mile.

When I've used this route for recovery runs before evening meetings at work, I was usually getting in around 7:30 minute miles – prob too fast for recovery runs, but never felt like I was overdoing it over the shorter distance.

On paper, average walking speed is supposed to be c. 3mph. I've always been a bit of a speedy walker so I reckon I get nearer 5 mph,

The first time I tried it, it took me 25 mins to walk a mile.

25 mins.

That's 2.4mph, or a marathon time of just shy of 11 hours.


Clearly there's work to do.

Not being an optimist, I'm not going to claim this will all be good, rather I'll just rely on my usual coping strategy – refusing to understand how bad it really is.

It's not that I don't understand, I just stubbornly can't be bothered to think about how bad it could be – takes way too much effort!

So, as most cardio is off the table for (hopefully only) a week or so, I'm focussing on the strength stuff I often overlook/get bored with.

That's stuff to strengthen my lower back, which I often have issues with, and getting the knees as strong as poss ready for the demands of a marathon training schedule.

This consists of mainly gentle stretching/light lifts/squats etc. but it's pretty boring, and not without rib pain. But, I need to get on with it otherwise October becomes November, becomes December etc.

Hopefully my possum-like reaction will see me through, but it's also backed-up by the least possum-like woman trainer I've ever had Sally.

She's fully aware of my problems, and has been beavering away on exciting plans, an has even had an insight into my eating habits.

So, it's all a bit in limbo here, but all being alright, I'll be getting going soon.

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  1. I don't know what a possum is really.

    But I do now know you're more than partial to a brew.

    Get well soon for Gawd's sake